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What happens if the wax puck sticks to the tray?

Not all wax trays are created equal. If the wax puck sticks to the tray, simply turn on your warmer for a few minutes, (About 10), and the wax will come out with little to no effort.

Bonus Feature! – When the wax is slightly warm, the whole puck will slide down the stem and right over the tip of the Wyggler, maintaining its shape. 😊

Can I use the Wyggler over and over?
Yes, you may use the Wyggler for life, as there should never be a reason for one to break or become unusable.
Do I need to leave the Wyggler in the tray at all times?
No. The Wyggler may be placed into your warmer tray while the wax is melted, or left in the tray at all times.
What size Wygglers should I purchase for my wax warmers?

All wax warmers and trays are different. It is best to use the Wyggler size that fits best on the bottom of the tray. As a reference, the small Wyggler works best for most wall model warmers. While the Standard Wyggler works best for most table-top models.




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