Step-By-Step Process

STEP 1: Place the Wax Wyggler ™ along with scented cubes into your warmer tray to melt.
STEP 2: Wax Wyggler ™ may be left in the tray at all times or placed into the tray while wax is melted.
STEP 3: When it’s time to change your cubes, turn the warmer off and allow the wax to completely harden and cool.
STEP 4: Wiggle the knob to release wax from the bottom of the tray.

STEP 5: Gently slide the wax “puck” up from the bottom disc.

STEP 6: Using your thumbs and fingers, snap the “puck” in half. That’s it! Now your Wax Wyggler ™ is ready to use again.

Not all wax trays are created equal. If the wax puck sticks to the tray, simply turn on your warmer for a few minutes, (About 10), and the wax will come out with little to no effort.
Bonus Feature! When the wax is slightly warm, the whole puck will slide down the stem and right over the tip of the Wyggler maintaining its shape 😍



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