The Wax Wyggler is made of 100% steel and should last you a lifetime. It is ergonomically designed to work with every size and shape of wax warmer tray. The concept is simple: The wax should be removed from the bottom up, and not the top down. It is thoughtfully designed, easy to use, coated with a rust-resistant paint, and polished to a glossy shine. With the proper use of the Wax Wyggler, messy wax trays are a thing of the past.

Want to hear a story?

Not that long ago I purchased a very pretty wax warmer. I was so excited to try it. As soon as I got home, I placed a few cubes in the tray and WOW, I loved the scent it made!!! After a few days of enjoying the aroma, it was time to change out the used cubes for new ones. The wax had cooled and formed a kind of “puck” that matched the shape of the tray. As I looked at the tray, I thought, “Well, now what do I do?” The instructions said, “Remove the cooled wax with a knife.” Huh? I gripped the kitchen knife as best I could and began chipping away at this “puck”. It made a giant mess and I nearly sliced my finger! So, I tossed the knife in the sink and went to the best source I could find on wax puck removal… the internet! 😄  

The advice ranged from placing the tray in the freezer, (Wait, next to my ice cubes?!?), to something about cotton balls and soaking the tray. Finally, I settled on the most popular idea I found, which is to try to pour out the wax while it’s hot. So, I turned the warmer back on to re-melt the wax. Since the warmer and tray get really hot, I put on oven mitts, picked up the warmer, and carefully headed over to the garbage can. Awkwardly balancing the warmer between my hands, I began to pour out the hot wax. Unfortunately, the wax dripped over the side of the tray and all over the warmer 😖. The warmer was completely ruined. I thought, “There’s got to be a better way to do this!”

I tried a variety of different methods to remove the wax. All of them seemed to involve approaching it from the top down. Then one day it came to me… What if there was a tool that covered the bottom of the tray and was strong enough to lift and remove the wax puck in one piece? This could be the end of messy wax trays! So, I got to work on it. After many designs, re-designs, and even more re-designs, I believe I got it just right, and the Wax Wyggler was born. So, when you buy this product and use this product, please know that I’ve been there, and that I feel your wax warmer pain. 😊 With your new Wax Wyggler, you can now enjoy the wonderful scent of wax warmers without messy wax trays!




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